Dog & Cat Tributes

"A Tribute to Nana!"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
Several years ago during the senior years of my previous dog, I began taking photos of him. Lots and lots and lots of photos. The awesome thing about digital photography is I can take plenty of photos without much expense.

As my dog aged, he developed a type of fast-spreading cancer. It showed up one day in a lump, the lump got larger and spread throughout. Of course, this was heartbreaking. We kept him comfortable until the day he no longer was. Of course, I took quite a few photos, again, including of his last few hours with us. Though it was heartbreaking, I am glad I did it so I would have the memories in photos.
"A Tribute to a Dog and Her Toy"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

Not too long after I lost my dog to cancer, a co-worker at my office stopped me in the hallway and said: "I tried so hard to try and find you this weekend!" Since I didn't work for her and she was in management I wondered why she would try to reach me over the weekend. She went on to say, "My dog has cancer and it's spread to his face. So I hired a photographer to go to Washington D.C. with me and take photos of us. The photographer was horrible! He kept referencing the cancer on my dog's face and was terribly rude. I was so upset. I wanted to find you because I knew who be kind-hearted to my dog and respectful. I suggest you start a photo session for dog lovers whose dog is in that situation." I felt so sorry for her and I was floored by her compliment. So, "Tributes Photography" was created.

"Tributes Photography" is a professional photography session. About the only difference in "Tributes" and my other photography session is pricing. Same quality service and products.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like photographs of your dog or cat, please contact me, Allen Pearson at, for details about "Dog or Cat Tributes."

Please put "Dog or Cat Tribute!" in the subject line of your email so it gets my immediate attention.

"Three Buddies"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

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