Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday's Thought!

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"Pages of Bible Blowing in the Wind"

Is it OK to question God? Is alright to talk to him like a friend? These are questions that I have heard or read lately so I want to share my thoughts on these questions. 

While I believe it is always very important to be respectful to God, I believe He likes us to ask questions. Asking questions helps us to understand God's Will for us in our lives and especially when we have situations where we want His Guidance. Sometimes, we have something happen where we just need to ask, "Why God?" or "Why not God?" 

I believe it is alright to talk to God about yourself too. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who believe that they are not good enough to talk to God because of whatever they have done. Or, they believe, or assume, that God is too Holy for us to talk to about our sins or wrongs in our lives. Well, He wants to be part of your life, so He isn't too Holy for you to talk to, AND already knows everything about your life already and is waiting for you to make the choice to talk to Him.  God won't make you do anything or force you to accept Him. 

Yes, I believe it is fine for you to talk to God as a friend, being respectful about it, that is. Many years ago when I was a teenager and again in college, my friends, some Pastors, and a few college professors prayed to God in this holy manner of speaking that I just knew I could not speak like that much less know the right fancy words to say. Why? I guess it wasn't in my nature or vocabulary to do that. To me, it seemed like they were showing what they knew instead of really praying to God. Hearing that helped me to realize that God wants me to pray to him. He doesn't care about fancy words. 

At that point, I began talking to God as I would a friend, a very close friend. I talk to Him about everything and I thank Him for everything along the way too. I don't wait until my prayer time when someone asks for prayer, I stop and pray right there. After all, God says He wants to be part of my life always and forever. Why not talk to Him in prayer like a friend? 

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