Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday's Thought!

Photo by Cottonbro
"Remembering Our American Heroes!"
Photo by Cottonbro 

Memorial Day. A day when many forget the true meaning of the day and celebrate the beginning of summer. The day was created to remember those American citizens who served in our US Armed Forces and lost their lives paying the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am very thankful.

Without the men and women who served, where would our country be? Most of our freedoms we would not have, especially free speech and freedom of choice, among so many others. We would be living under a socialist type of government. Not all the men and women in the service were required to serve as the draft ended many years ago. They signed up to work protecting the country they love because of their love for it. Some of these Service Members paid the ultimate price when they lost their lives doing their responsibilities.

However, no matter how great humans are and the awesome work they may do, there is one Man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. A Man who, if we believe in Him, takes away our sins, and we have eternal life in heaven. The Man's name is Jesus. He was crucified on a cruel cross, buried, and raised from the dead so we can have freedom from our sins. You can learn more about this by visiting Heaven or Not?

Thank you to all the Veterans who have served and to their families who served along with them for all they've done and you have while allowing your family member to serve.

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  1. Great post 💝 Thank you, Allen, and thank you to all our Veterans and their families for their service.


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