Friday, April 29, 2022

Garden Photography! Garden Perspectives: Calibrachoa's Brushes of Color

(C) 2022, Allen Pearson Photography
"Calibrachoa's Brushes of Color"
(C) 2022, Allen Pearson Photography

My porch, deck, and a few hanging baskets in my front yard are full of these beautiful flowers. I like to buy them in small pots and in a wide variety of colors. Depending on the pot or basket size, I will place different colors in each one. Once they start growing, it creates quite a beautiful array of colors, in some cases quite contrasting against each other.

A favorite trait of this flower for many gardeners is not having to spend time dead-heading the dead blooms. For me, dead-heading blooms are a great way to enjoy some time outdoors so it wasn't an issue for me. Also, I like how the flower doesn't tend to get "stringy" if left unattended as Petunias will. 

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