Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday's Thought!

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash
"Wedding Rings of Love!"
Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Tomorrow, I will celebrate with my loving wife twenty-five years of marriage. I wish that I could share with you that the last twenty-five years have been positively perfect in every single way every moment of every day, every day of the month, and every month of every year. However, anyone who is human knows that with humans nothing is perfect even when you marry the most perfect woman. However, I would not want to trade the last twenty-five years for anything or anyone.

We have been through life's challenges together. Though at times they were more challenging than either of us could imagine, it was a blessing to have one another to help get through them. I would not have wanted to go through the loss of my parents, my brother, my grandmother, without my wife with me. Nor, would I want to go through the many health challenges I have without her around. I believe my health challenges are better because of her. She is a godly woman and does what God would have her to do along the way.

Also, we have traveled the world together. If I get an itch to go somewhere, and it doesn't matter where it is, she will go with me, except maybe primitive basic camping. She wants running water, electricity, and air conditioning. We have visited Iceland, been on a safari in Africa, cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska, and visited many states in between. We have definitely had our share of fun these twenty-five years. 

Yes, I would say I have a perfect wife. But, it's not me that managed to find a perfect woman to marry. It was God who brought the perfect woman to me. As a young man, I prayed many times for a woman to marry. I was very careful in looking for a wife because I knew it would be very easy to marry the wrong person. However, again, I must point out that it was God's work in finding the woman for me to marry and directed my paths to find her.

When we got married, we invited Christ into our marriage. We made Him the focal point and shared the Gospel message within the wedding ceremony and our vows. We wanted God to be the Center of our marriage, not us. This began for both of us many years before we even knew each other existed. We became Christians and began loving and serving God at the times that we did- each was different times and experiences.

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