Saturday, June 5, 2021

Garden Photography: Garden Perspectives! "Raindrops on the Hosta!"

(C) 2021, Allen Pearson Photography
"Raindrops on the Hosta!"
(C) 2021, Allen Pearson Photography

A favorite macro photography adventure of mine is photographing after rain when drops on still on flowers, hostas, and other plants.

The most difficult part of photographing raindrops on plants is trying to keep yourself out of the image. I started photographing these raindrops when I noticed my image in a few raindrops. I started all over to the first perspective to be sure I captured what I wanted. Macro photography takes time, energy, and a love for the art!

"Garden Perspectives" is my photography series sharing the unique beauty of nature usually through my macro lens. Please visit it at Allen Pearson Photography - Garden Perspectives! If you see an image at my website and would like a product created, please contact me at

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