Saturday, June 12, 2021

Cat Photography! "Those Cat Eyes!"

(C) 2021, Allen Pearson Photography
"Those Cat Eyes!"
(C) 2021, Allen Pearson Photography

Cats are a challenge to photograph! They will only come to you when they think that they should. They like to hide and stay away unless they happen to like you or realize that you are alright! Capturing an image of someone's cat can be quite a challenge but it's worth it! The images can bring quite a bit of happiness to the cat's human. My love of animals often helps me to get the images the cat's human loves.

"Those Cat Eyes!" was created at a humane society that was trying to get a cat adopted. The cat was super sweet and really didn't mind me being in the room with him when he was living temporarily.

If you would like more information about my cat photography sessions, or a print of "Those Cat Eyes!," please contact me at

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