Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

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"Men Walking in Street Wearing Masks to Prevent COVID-19"

 Last week, as the Pastor was teaching from Galatians he got me to thinking about the question I am often asked, "How Can I Believe in God When You Can't See Him?" 

It's called faith. I can believe in God all I want but I have to have faith. Faith in things unseen. Reading the Bible, talking with my Pastor and Christian friends, and witnessing God's Power throughout my life is how I can believe in God whom I haven't seen yet. I will one day for sure.

I compare that question to COVID-19 and it's associated chaos. Chances are, you have not seen COVID-19, the research, the studies, the cases nor met the people who decided to close the country to supposedly save your life and prevent the hospitals from being overcrowded with cases. Yet, you know it's there. I know it's there. You are willing to mask up, to stay 6-feet away from others, and to follow whatever instructions the leaders tell you to do. The leaders have made COVID-19 out to be something that will attack you just by going outside. You have not seen COVID and you probably do not even know someone who has it. Yet, you will drop everything and believe. Not giving much thought to the scientific side of this and it's reality. You are placing your faith in man telling you something. You place your faith in the face masks to protect you from the terrible disease and should you be asymptomatic from sharing it with others.  

Some might say that's not a correct comparison. Yes, it is. It's about faith and trust. You cannot see COVID-19 and chances are, you cannot see someone who has or has had it. You are placing your faith in others to be honest with you about the facts of the disease. I am saying that's what it's like to believe in Jesus, God, and the Bible. While you cannot see God or Jesus, you can see the Bible. You can meet people who have had experiences with God who will share those with you. You can meet Bible Scholars, Teachers, and Pastors who are inspired by God to teach us His Word and the Truths of the Bible. You can sit down with my Pastors and discuss the Christian faith all want. Each of those people will do their best to help you understand Jesus, God, Bible, heaven, hell, and the Christian faith.

God will not steer you wrong. He will always want the best for you. He will not send you out on a wild goose chase or to do something that isn't right or good for you. Though we may go through trials and tragedies of this life, God will always have our best at heart. 

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Just to say, I am not saying to not prepare or take care of yourself in regards to COVID-19. You should do as necessary to prevent the spread of the disease or from getting it yourself. As with any virus, including COVID, you should take hygiene precautions seriously. 

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