Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

(C) 2020, Allen Pearson Photography
"A Church in the Country"
(C) 2020, Allen Pearson Photography

Sunday's have always been the day to go to church. It started with my family before I was even born. As a matter of fact, since my father was a Minister of Music and my mother the Church Organist while she was pregnant with me, I like to say I was singing the hymns of the church while waiting to be born. My father being into music sang and played a lot of it around the house too, including playing classical music on albums, cassettes or CDs.

We always had to get ready for church on Sunday morning and head over to the church. I do not remember giving my parents a rough time about going to church though anything could be possible since I was an adventurous young boy. So we went. We went to Sunday School, Worship Service, and during the week, we would go to Wednesday night Youth Group. When the church held revival services, with meetings every night of the week, we were at those too.

Every summer my father would take my brother and me to the church camp meeting. There, we would hear great song evangelists and preachers of the church who would come from all over the country for the week. I loved it because the music and preaching were usually among the best in the church's denomination. Also, it was usually the time when I would see friends who attended church within the state.

There was something about attending church, Wednesday nights, revivals, camp meetings, and other church events that I am possibly forgetting, that was very special. I didn't quite understand it as a young child and probably didn't pay attention as a teenager but it was a unique feeling or like a love which you didn't find anywhere else. I can remember many times, maybe even as often as my Dad took me to church or camp meeting, finding wishing I could stay there forever- because it was like a taste of heaven or what we humans would think heaven will be like.

I remember becoming a Christian at a very early age, like around 6. However, after a few people said a few things about it being a Christian at that age, I rededicated my life to Christ in college. I wanted to be sure I met Jesus in Heaven when I died. No ifs, ands, or buts because I knew that's what God would say on that day of me.

Over the 57 years of my life, I can look back often and see how God has taken care of me in many situations. I wish I could say that my life has been perfect with me making no mistakes, experiencing no tragic or sad events or challenging times, and with me being wealthy.  If I said that, it would be far from the truth. However, I find myself happy and content within my heart and soul which is something only God provides. That is the feeling I found and remember experiencing from camp meetings and church events. He gives it when you ask for it!

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