Saturday, December 12, 2020

Introducing Allen Pearson Photography and Noah's Paw of Railroad History!

"Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific Lead Mixed Freight"
(C) 2016, Allen Pearson Photography

I just missed the steam engine era when they ruled the railroad tracks roaring through the town where I grew up by being born in the early 1960s. I should have planned better, huh?! When I was growing up, I became interested in diesel locomotives which were becoming the source of power for the railroad.

As a child, I had a small HO scale model followed by an N scale railroad layout. I do not remember much about it as I got away from it as I grew up. Also, I remember not having much money to spend on models and using cardboard to create some buildings designed after those around town and my grandmother's house.

As I grew up, went to college, came back home, and started my career I got away from creating and enjoying my model railroad layouts. Also, I moved to an area where there weren't railroad tracks so I invariably got away from my love of trains. How could I let that happen, right?

When I retired, about 5  years ago now, as I was moving in my house, I heard the train horns in the distance. The horns seemed to be coming from 2 directions and they were blaring! Was I ever excited?! With my train interest re-ignited, I quickly found ways to enjoy watching trains.

My dog Noah and I began taking off at least once a month or so to watch trains at several locations between Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. My wife, Noah, and I began taking trips to Pennsylvania to watch trains at several locations. I was hooked again and loving every minute of it.

However, after a while of watching trains with a few buddies, I began noticing I needed to find my specific enjoyment of the hobby. I had become overwhelmed with the awesome wealth of information my buddies had but it was too much. I don't sleep, eat, drink, watch trains, repeat. I'm not sure that I absolutely need to know everything you could possibly ever know about trains or a train coming through. Where or what is my interest?

My interest is simply sitting trackside waiting for a train to come while reading my train magazines and learning about the history of the railroad and how it got here. The railroads have had a prominent place in the history and economic development of the United States of America.

With my developing an interest in the area of railroad history, I will start sharing a few blurbs of history along with the images I create while waiting trackside. Since Noah has been my railfan buddy for a few years, the posts will be called "Noah's Paw of Railroad History!" 

Noah's first paw-

(C) 2020, Allen Pearson Photography
(C) 2020, from The Dog's Paw!

"BARKS! In 1797, the steam locomotive is invented in England (Association of American Railroads)"

Of course, if you love dogs and cats, you can always follow Noah and Samson's, his cat brother, adventures at from The Dog's Paw!

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