Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
"Father's Day!"
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Happy Father's Day! Today is a day to remember our fathers. A day to say "thank you," "I love you," and do something special with them. When I was younger, I remember buying dad gifts and cards to celebrate the day.  Later in life, I took him out to dinner or I would grill him a steak dinner with his favorite "fixin's." He loved it! 

When I look back, I am surprised at my feelings about those gifts not being enough for him. He never said that nor did he ever give me any impression which led to these thoughts. As I reflect over the years, I see my father from a different perspective which I didn't notice before. Though, I have to say, that I knew it was there but just never really contemplated it that much.

While growing up with my father, I often saw him as the nerdy guy who took care of his family, loved God, church and classical music, reading, cars, and trains. He took an interest in his boys too. He was always taking us to car shows or even steam train rides. However, he wasn't cool. Far from it. Typical nerd. There was no way my father would give me a "sports" car or even a remotely sporty car for my birthday or for Christmas. He was not going to be wearing those cool sunglasses or the latest styles of clothing.  So to me, at that young age, he did seem to be a nerd. Yet, he was that way because he wanted to support his family and make sure that they had what they needed in life, not necessarily what they wanted. He was happy, content, and maybe even proud in a good way to be doing what he was! Maybe that's why I am not offended when I am labeled or called a nerd.

When I think back, I wish I'd honored him more with "better" gifts. However, it pleased him that we cared to honor him on Father's Day. He was a happy man.

Often people believe that they cannot be good enough, or give God good enough gifts so they will make it to heaven, or that He will love them enough to save them and allow them to go to heaven. It's never been based on gifts you give to God. It's about God's Gift to you, his Son Jesus who He gave so we might have eternal life with Him. 

A great resource to learn more about God's Gift of Salvation to all of us for the asking can be found at, Peace With God.

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