Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

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As the world begins to re-open businesses, churches, and other public places, people are really wanting to get out and do more than sitting around the house and playing in their backyard for way too many hours. Many of us are so excited we can hardly contain it.

However, we are being greeted by protests and rioting in the streets where we live, work, and shop which is causing fear for many people who have to be in the area. It's concerning because people need to go about their business without fear.

While I am not here to take sides or to write my opinion about the protests or riots as it's not my area of writing. However, I will share with those who are afraid, have a sense of fear, and to anyone else curious about having a better life, that Jesus will help you through all this if you ask Him.

First, I need to point out, that asking Jesus into your life and helping through fears doesn't mean you can go into these situations without being concerned or paying attention to what is happening. You should always use common sense for your safety because God gave us a brain to use and does expect us to do so.

However, the fear you may be experiencing during these days doesn't have to grip you and take away your joy of life. It doesn't have to cause you to hide in your closet or wherever and never leave. Fear is not from God and He will help you through it but you have to ask Him to do so.

Living near a few places where the protests happened, I was quite surprised since the area is usually pretty quiet. However, it being the first time I was that close, I found myself, being afraid. It caught me off-guard. Then, I realized it was just Satan trying to destroy my faith and create fear within me. I immediately turned my thoughts to "God is in Control" so I will not be afraid. Before long, within seconds, I began to feel the fear leave and I relaxed.

The media, the world, other people, will tell you that Christians are crazy, don't know what they are talking about, and are behind the times. It's a shame because it's the furthest from the truth. At a time when people need God, they need to be turning to Him and not away.  I have always needed God. I would never want to be without Him or away from Him.

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