Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash
"Mother's Day!"
Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's in this awesome universe of ours! The role you have in raising your children, to become honest, hard-working, and respectable members of society is the most important job you can have. Though I am not a mother, nor a father for that matter, I have seen or observed the roles of mother's over the years.

Of course, I have one like all of us do. My mother passed away several years ago. As I reflect over the years and thinking of her, I'm very thankful for the mother God gave me. Though I have to admit, there were times over the years of growing up that I got mad at her for this and that. Usually, it was because I was getting into something she knew wasn't a good thing for me to do or I simply had disobeyed her.

My mother taught me manners and respect which would help me be a good citizen in life. She taught me the beauty of nature and gardening as well as started my interest in photography. My enjoyment of watching birds and wildlife is an interest she shared with me too. She knew education was important so she encouraged me to finish school and go to college. I felt like a "mama's boy" when I went to college because I missed her. But, it was because she had become my friend in my adult years.

My mother had a funny sense of humor too. She would laugh at the silliest or most nonsensical thing happening and couldn't stop. It was often contagious to those around her. Or, like my father often did, they would look and wonder what was so funny. I remember one night, not too long after I moved into my first apartment, she called and said she just wanted to say "hi!" So, I replied, "hi!" We laughed for the longest time.

However, though my mother was awesome and did quite a bit for me and I have quite a few great memories of her, there is something she could never give me. She taught me about it. She set quite an awesome example throughout my life, and she was always making sure everything was good and right with me. What I am talking about? Salvation through Jesus Christ.

My mother knew Jesus and her Bible. She played the church organ for many years, sang in the choir and a few duets with my father, taught Sunday School and Youth Group, and prayed for me every day! Although doing those doesn't get you into heaven, they were an example of her faith in Jesus.  She knew that no matter what I did in life if I didn't personally accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, I would not make it to heaven. I remember when I decided to change denominations. I was in my 30's when I decided to do it. Of course, I made sure the teachings were Biblical, she was worried about me and the decision. To be honest, I was very thankful that my mother loved me enough to make sure I was still going to be in heaven when my life was over.

Today with the craziness of COVID-19, it's might be hard to get together with your mother. If it is, please take the time to call her. Not text. But, call. And talk for awhile not just rush through it like it's a chore to be done. You will be glad you did. Most of all, she will love it.

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