Friday, April 3, 2020

Garden Perspectives! A Unique Artistic Perspective from the Garden

Flames! Allen Pearson Photography
(C) 2009, Allen Pearson Photography

Every artist tries to find their perspective on something to use their talents and skills to create something beautiful to share with the world. Sometimes this perspective has a limited audience of only those close to the artist while others can have a worldwide appeal.

Around 11 years ago now, I began a series of photography which I called "Garden Perspectives!" I created a series of images based on my love for wildlife gardening and the beauty I found in the garden's natural area. Sometimes the garden is a formal one or a botanical garden, but, most often it is one you'd see in your backyard. However, life events of taking care of ill parents and in-laws I got away from photography especially using the macro lens which was a favorite. Also, it is a bit harder lens to use and often requires more concentration and time than other lenses.

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking about my macro photography work and how much I enjoyed it. This spring, I am bringing back some of the original images in the series and planning to add a few more along the way.

I will be sharing them in my Photography Journal, at Facebook, Allen Pearson Photography, and my website "Allen Pearson Photography!" Follow my blog posts by signing up in the widget on the right side of this page or through social media.

The first image in this series is "Flames!" It is a close-up of a Red Gerber Daisy with wild petals in the blooms.

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