Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

Damage at First Baptist Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
"Damage at First Baptist Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee"
(C) Billy Ross Photography

This week took a scary and frightening turn for many of my friends who live in the Nashville, Tennessee area. As you may have heard, Monday night into Tuesday morning was met with tornadoes which caused quite a bit of destruction in the downtown Nashville and Donelson areas. When I heard the news of the storm’s destruction, it became very concerning for me since I went to college in Nashville decades or more ago and have a few friends and acquaintances still living there.

Early in the day, I heard from one friend who said she and a few others with her escaped without any injury or harm. Which was a great thing as a world without her would be a bit less cheerful! It’s odd but you don’t really think about losing friends or family because of a storm or really anything else. They are always there and seems they always will be.

I didn’t think any more about it because Tennessee is known for tornadoes and really horrible thunderstorms. Also, I had a very busy schedule for the day and had to make certain several things were done around the house before heading out. I did my chores, feed the dog, and gathered what I needed for this day out.

On my way home from my last appointment, I was surprised by a text from my college roommate with news about the terrible tornadoes which struck the city. As soon as I got home I got on the computer and read the news of the storms.

A former Pastor and his wife had recently moved to the Nashville area to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. Thankfully, they are safe. However, they did lose friends, the senior married couple who had been married for 58 years.

While looking through Facebook, I found a quote from my former Pastors' friends about her experiences during the horrible tornadoes. What she wrote after the storm, gripped my heart as despite the terrible night she just went through, she found the positive in what happened and shared the truth of the Gospel. I am sharing it here:
"From our friend who lost her house:
Well it’s been 20 or so hours since the bottom dropped out of our “material world." We’ve lost a lot of things, a little blood, and some great friends, but I can shout with the angels, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the great God almighty”. He is more powerful than that wind that ripped our house apart, more faithful than all the “faithful servants” giving their time to help last night, more loving than my husband who put his body over me and took the worst of the flying glass and best of all, His promises are true, He never leaves us or forsakes us. I felt His presence so strong during that storm. It was truly peace that passes understanding!
People, if you don’t know my Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, I beg you to not wait. Nothing this world offers compares to walking with Him in this life right on into eternity. I can’t wait till Sunday to worship with my brothers and sisters at First Baptist Church! I may be in sweat pants and tennis shoes but they don’t care - they love me and I am blessed. We’d love to have you there with us."
AMEN! Yes, God is powerful. His Love is neverending! He is ALWAYS there taking care of us in the best way! Sometimes we do not understand His Ways and why things happen, but we know that they are ALWAYS for our good. As my friend's friend said, "Don't wait!"

To learn more about God, Jesus, and becoming a Christian, please visit "Peace With God."

By the way, if you would like to assist First Baptist Church with the expenses of rebuilding, you can donate here! Select "Disaster Relief" from the drop-down menu!

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