Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

Isaiah 12:2
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God is my salvation:
I will trust, and will not be
afraid: for the Lord God is my
strength and my song, and he
has become my salvation."

-Isaiah 12:2

While the world is reeling and going crazy with the implications of issues created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is comforting for me to know the fact that "God is in Control!" He is here with us, He will take care of us, He is in Control.

It is amazing to me that whenever I think about that simple phrase, "God is in Control" and hold onto His Promise, "He will never leave or forsake you, (Deuteronomy 31:8)" or "....I will trust, and not be afraid:.... (Isaiah 12:2) I have an overwhelming comfort of peace which truly passes my human understanding.   

As I've mentioned some these past few weeks, my daily life hasn't really changed that much. Except, my wife is home more, I cannot go to my Deep Water Aerobics classes or to church. While I miss the Deep Water Aerobics and a few of the people I work out with, I really miss going to church.

It's funny. I have attended church most of my life. Though I'd like to be like a friend of mine who, at age 60ish, has never missed a Sunday at church, I can't say that. However, one thing I have noticed is that since we had to suspend Worship Services because of the Coronavirus, I have really missed being there with friends and hearing the singing and hearing the Pastor preach. There is something awesome about the church I attend that brings happiness to my heart.

While I have seen many people in my neighborhood seemingly scared, afraid and even frantic of what's going on, even people on Facebook has this fear about them, the Peace of God takes control and provides a peace that says, "it's going to be alright!" For me, that means a couple of things. First, everything will be alright because life will get back to normal and He is taking care of me. Or, maybe, possibly, and I have no way of knowing this and am in no way predicting it either, the Lord God may be coming soon. When He does, He will take those who have accepted Him as their Savior to Heaven to live with Him forever! I will be there. Those who have not, will not go with him but will go to hell. Yes, that is a real place.

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