Friday, March 20, 2020

Railroad Photography! A Yellow TTX Freight Car! Art of the Freight Car, Rail Art Series!

Railroad Photography! Yellow Freight Car! Art of the Freight Cart, Rail Art Series!
"Yellow Freight Car! Art of the Freight Car, Rail Art Series!"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography 

When I am out and about watching trains go through town, alongside the country road or highway or at one of my favorite places to watch them, like Horse Curve in Altoona, PA, freight trains get my attention quite quickly.

I think the variety of freight cars, tankers, boxcars, hoppers, gondolas, auto cars, coal cars, rock cars, and whatever other cars the railroads add on is what catches my eye. I like the variety. 

My series of railroad photography "Art of the Freight Car, Rail Art Series" was designed to share the artistic view of the freight trains and occasionally the graffiti.

To view my railroad photography and purchase a print, please visit, Allen Pearson Photography, Railroad Photography, Art of the Freight Car Series!


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