Friday, February 7, 2020

Railroad Photography! Norfolk Southern Heading Through Old Town Manassas

Norfolk Southern Heading Through Old Town Manassas
"Norfolk Southern Heading Through Old Town Manassas"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
Not too long after I retired, I stopped by the train station in Manassas, VA, where I grew up. It had been years, if not decades, since I last stopped in here. Of course, I had my camera with me. I was like a little kid in a toy or candy shop. And, I was in luck as a train was heading north through town and I was able to capture a train going through town. Of course, I was very excited as I hadn't been around trains in who knows how long.

My wife was smiling as she was seeing a side of me she hadn't seen before. She knew I was happy and that is important to her. This day was a re-igniting of my passion for watching trains.

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