Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday's Thought!

"Plainfield, United States"
Photo by Kent Rebman on Unsplash

One of the least favorite moments of the Christmas season which happens every year not too long after the New Year reigns in. The darkest night of the entire year! Well, not really. It just seems this way because almost everyone has put away their Christmas lights and the dark of the night has returned.

I took mine up a little earlier than I would have liked this year. With New Year's being on Wednesday, many will probably leave theirs up at least until Saturday. I decided to take mine in because it was supposed to start raining on Thursday and continue until sometime on Saturday morning. If I left them out, then I have to let them sit out long enough to dry out. So, convenience's sake, they were taken down on Wednesday.

As the night began to fall, I noticed the dark did seem to be darker than usual. My first thought was "wow, I didn't realize how dark it really gets in the night," This thought brought up some concerns about safety and what was going on out there in the world with all of the darkness.

As the evening went on, I saw the moon and it's a bright light and a few stars in the sky which almost made the darkness seem friendlier and even disappear a bit.

This scene of darkness and light reminds me of how God takes care of us in so many ways. Many times we are facing issues in life that are dark and seem to go on forever. We feel lost and alone as we go through these dark times afraid of what might be around the corner. In dark times, sometimes we feel very lonely even with other people around us. God sent His Son Jesus into this world to help us and carry us through our dark times.

When I look back over my life, I can see dark and sometimes lonely times where God was with me. While I may not have known it at the time, I can see where He was there helping me, preventing a situation or problem from being worse than what it was or by being there during those lonely times.

After I became a Christian, the dark times seemed to disappear as Jesus's Light began working through my life. I remember a friend noticing that I was even nicer than I used to be. Interesting. I felt better about myself and my outlook on life changed to being more positive.

Jesus can do that for anyone who asks. Ask Him to come into your life. To learn more please visit Peace With God.

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