Friday, January 24, 2020

Railroad Video! Norfolk Southern in Rectortown, VA

In my exploring around Northern Virginia and West Virginia for locations to watch trains going through town, Rectortown, VA has become one of my favorites. The area is hidden away, it seems, from civilization and is really quiet which makes reading and writing much easier than in town! Also, I tend to like the wooded areas near the tracks as it allows me to photograph nature along with the trains.

The town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Within the town's area, there are 54 historic buildings or sites which are dated back to before the Civil War and the days of the Manassas Gap Railroad. As I drive through the town, I notice the slew of interesting looking buildings but do not see any that are open to the public. Many look like residences more than anything.  According, though, to a website I found, the town is noted for two churches, a school, an Odd Fellows hall, a US Post Office, multiple commercial buildings, several cemeteries, and a number of historic residences. The railroad had been brought through the town by one of the early residents, Mr. Alfred Rector, who had an investment in the railroad and wanted it to come by his property.

The video I am sharing with you is called the "Norfolk Southern in Rectortown, VA" created on the B-Line. When I was growing up, this section of the tracks was not used very much. In 1988, it became a mainline from Manassas to Front Royal. Today, it is very busy with several trains running daily.

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