Friday, January 10, 2020

Railroad Photography! Norfolk Southern Freight Heading North

"Norfolk Southern Freight Heading North"
Art of the Freight Car Series
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

I have been watching trains go through town since I was as young a boy as I can remember. I can remember running through Grandmother's house to the porch down the steps to the fence gate to see the train coming around the bend at the far end of the tracks which went through her town.

As a young boy, this was the fascination or the best excitement for me for the summer. It was something that nothing else on earth could compete with. Unfortunately, as I grew up and through my adult years, I lost track (pun intended) of enjoying the trains. Mostly, because I was working and didn't live near any railroad line. Every once in a while, I would hear a horn off in the distance which I thought was a train and it brought back memories. Being busy sometimes causes you to forget some things too.

After I retired, I find myself having the opportunity to enjoy trains once again. I live near a historic railroad town and seem to have trains coming from both sides of my studio.

In the early morning, I love hearing the train horns in the distance as they began their journey's north or south. I hear them throughout the day but this is the time I hear them most.

I've learned to love the fall and winter seasons as I can hear the trains much better. They almost seem like they are going by the studio.

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