Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday's Thought!

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A guy I know who has been a little critical of how the world does things especially around Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sales, and Christmas caused me to do a little bit of thinking. His comments were right, but they caused me to say, "well, instead of criticizing, share why you believe, why we celebrate Christmas, why we don't get "excited" or go "crazy" with all the Black Friday Sales and the bombardment from various outlets and media.

I dread Black Friday Sales every year! It's turned a wonderful time of year into the most annoying time of year. My phone constantly rings. So much so that I have to turn the ringer off to get work done. Of course, that concerns me because of my senior father-in-law who might call and I could miss it. My email inbox receives 100's of emails a day. Oh my word, if I do not check it and delete unnecessary emails, it will easily pile up to five hundred or so. I have to go through them all checking the ones I do not recognize because it could be a new client.

I understand businesses need to make ends meet. It's important to do so if you want to stay in business but the constant bombardment has become way too much. A phrase from one TV recently commercial got my attention, "Get all the Christmas Presents I Need...." Hmmm.... all I need? It's crossed the line.

Most of the "Christmas Wish Lists" I have given Santa Claus when I was a child, given to my parents, or even to wife over the years has never included anything I need. Only what I want. There is a difference. Need is something I would have to have to survive this life. Like underwear, a shirt or pants. Want is something I would like to have to make something more fun in this life.... like an HO Scale model of a Chesapeake and Ohio Locomotive... let's say.

I do not believe, nor will I say, that Black Friday sales or even all the Christmas sales we have been hearing about since September are evil. All the glimmer, gold, TV's as big as many houses, new cars, jewelry, toys, and the like will not bring you true happiness and contentment. You may think so but that's really only for a while. Just wait for the newer edition or version or whatever comes along you may find yourself wanting it. True happiness and contentment of the heart only come from knowing God and serving Him.

Over the years, I've noticed that God has provided or taken care of my needs. He's directed my paths in life to do what He wanted me to do to provide the resources for my needs. This doesn't mean that I have everything I want. If it did, I'd be driving a Hummer2 and would have everything else I wanted too.

Look past all the Black Friday deals and the hoopla that is made every year at Christmas and find the true meaning of Christmas, "the Birth of Jesus Christ." Visit a local church, especially one hosting a Christmas pageant to find the true meaning of Christmas.

Becoming a Christian is an awesome and blessed thing to become. To learn more, please visit Peace With God.

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