Saturday, November 30, 2019

Norfolk Southern Locomotives Locomotives 3636 and 9425 at Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, PA

I posted another video to my YouTube Channel from the railfanning adventures I recently did in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Since some of you might not be subscribers to my channel yet, I thought I would share it for you on my Photography Journal.

As I think I mentioned before, I am new to videoing trains and my railfanning adventures. I am sharing them so that people who may not be able to go out to see trains or go to places where I go, can enjoy watching trains.

While I am still trying to learn how to capture or get information about the trains as they roar by me, I am not having as much success as I would like. I will get there one day.

I would like to know what information you consider important when you are viewing train videos. Please share in the comments below. If you know of a resource to support your comments, please share that too.

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