Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday's Thought

"The Heavens At Sunrise"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
One morning, a few weeks ago, I found myself looking out the front window of my house staring out of the sky. The neighborhood was doing its usual thing, school buses picking up students, the trash trucks making their rounds and people heading off to work in their cars. The neighborhood will soon settle down into its daily quiet with only the noises of birds singing in the air.

As I stared out into the sky, I found myself wondering if the Promise of God's Return to take Christians to heaven is really true. Is He really going to make everything great and take care of those who love Him? The Promise of God's Second Coming is a teaching that I can remember from the very early days of my youth. I have believed it to be true as it is in God's Word and some people who I highly respect taught it to me over the years of my life.

But now, for some reason, I am staring into the skies debating its validity. For a bit, I wondered if it was a fairy tale as so many these days are saying. Or maybe it's just some speculation that was taught over the years. Have I spent my life believing something that wasn't real? Wasn't truthful?

As I went back into my studio, I got to thinking about those thoughts. If you know me very well, you know I can tend to over-analyze something sometimes beyond belief. I wondered about the people who have gone before, like my family or the people in the Bible Stories for days of old. Have they really gone to heaven or have they just died and been buried. These are questions and thoughts that really cannot be answered. I will only know the truth for sure, for absolute certain, after I die and go on to heaven. Or?

As I thought, I felt a wave of happiness and contentment go over me. If what I was taught isn't true and God isn't coming back to take me to heaven or I will not go to heaven when I die, it really doesn't matter because I have had a happy and content life serving and worshipping God from a very early age. It was almost as if it was God's Presence reminding me to hang on... He will be coming soon.

So if I die and find it isn't true, it doesn't matter because I am happy and have been content in this life. I will just die and be buried and remembered by my wife and friends. I really haven't lost anything at all. I have served and worshipped an awesome God and am very thankful for the ability and blessings of doing so.

If I die and find it is true, God will take me to heaven where I will spend eternal life with other Christians I've known in my life including my parents and brother. I will be blessed with worshipping God throughout eternity. Eternal happiness beyond my ability to describe! I haven't lost a thing.

I found God's Love, His Plan of Salvation for man, happiness, and peace beyond my understanding by giving my life to Christ at a young age I believe. Are you ready for what happens to you when you die? If you would like to learn more, please visit Peace With God.

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