Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday's Thought!

Washed Car
"Washed Car"
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning my wife's car. We took it to the beach and a few other places since it's last washing so it was time. Did you know sand in a car stays forever! And, it is everywhere? Not to mention, all the dog hair everywhere too. Of course, it didn't help any to have 3 adults and my dog getting in and out of the car with sand on our feet and paws. Oh well, it was fun and I'd do it again.

Not only that, somewhere along the way, we added hundreds of bugs to the front grill, hood, and windshield. My first thought was it's going to take all day to get the car washed and cleaned the way that I want it. And, I noticed the car was returning to its original color with each swipe of the sponge. Light beige to white is awesome!

As I spent the afternoon washing the car, I got to thinking about God and how He refines those who accept them into their lives. Often, people think that they are too bad or have committed to many wrong acts for God to love them. I know I have had many thoughts over the years as to how a Perfect God could love someone as imperfect as me. We wonder how God could make us into the humans He wants us to be thinking it is impossible. With God, nothing is impossible.

As I washed the car, it dawned on me about how God changes us into the people He wants us to be. Like I was doing with the car, I would repeatedly scrub the stubborn bug spots and vacuum the sand until the area was clean. God works on us a bit at a time. He will start scrubbing in an area and gently works on it until we are where He wants us to be. The work God does within us makes us better people who are what He wants us to be.

As a Christian, I have lived a happy and content life. However, I know it's not anything I could have done. Whenever I searched for something to make me happy, I found I could never find it. However, with God, and becoming a Christian, it did place a peace, happy, and contentment within my heart and life. This isn't saying that I have not had my sadness, heartaches, or problems in life. I have had my fair share. However, each time God was there for me.

As I finished up washing the car, I realized that when God worked on "washing" or "cleaning" me up, He used His gentle Kindness and Love to improve me.... much like I use gentle sponges or soft long brushes to clean up the car.

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