Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday’s Thought!

"Elephant in South Africa"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
A Safari

A few weeks ago, I returned from an African Safari. My wife found the trip through Living Passages and Answers In Genesis. We were familiar with Answers in Genesis so it’s what got our attention.

We flew out of a local international airport to Istanbul, Turkey where we had a 10-hour layover. Not as bad as it sounds since the airport has a hotel within it where you can get a few hours of rest if you want. We took the opportunity and rested before boarding another plane for another 10-hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Our final destination was another town 4-hours north and the Zhikaru Lodge. By the time we arrived, I felt like I had traveled to the ends of the universe! The distance traveled really made my home town in Virginia seem really small.

The week was full of awesome adventures. My wife and I got to sit in on a few discussions about God’s Creation of the Universe with Answers in Genesis several times. We went on several game preserve-type safaris where we saw many animals up close, and almost, personal. We saw elephants, lions, cheetahs, impalas, giraffes, and so many more animals. It seemed we were always in the wild looking for animals. I marveled at some of the landscape too. A mountain named, “Hanglip Mountain” because it suddenly protrudes into the air over the height of the other mountains. I thought it was something man-made since it was such an obvious design or look.

We had an awesome opportunity to meet other people in the travel group too. I was amazed at how much kindness was shown to us. Normally, I am not much for meeting others and having a discussion with people I don’t know. Even then, it’s brief to the point and be on my way. It’s never ever meant as anything against the other person, I’m just an introvert who often relishes his quiet time or time alone- except I always like and want my wife’s company.

The week in Africa was quite a bit of fun. The safaris were awesome and I actually enjoyed making some new friends. I kind of hated to see the week come to an end as we would all fly home to different homes throughout the United States, Canada, and England. I might not ever see them again. In this life...that is.

As a Christian, it is an awesome blessing to know that if I do not see them again in this life, I will see them in heaven! That is… if they have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. This would be true for any of my Christian friends that I have met along life’s way.

I have been blessed to have been a Christian since a young guy. I have known Jesus and seen Him working in my life in many situations. Though my life isn’t perfect, as I’ve had many challenges and life events just like everyone else in life, I have seen God work through those situations and always there for me. Loving God and having His Love isn’t something that is easily written about or described in a blog post. It’s is the most awesome experience man can know.

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