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"Reading The Bible"
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Father’s Day

The other day, I thought about calling my father to ask for his advice. Another time, I had an issue with something on my deck and needed his help and strength to make the repair. Once again, I realized how much of a role he played in my life. Not only in my years growing up as a young child, but as a teenager, young adult, and finally as a married man.  I think one of the best compliments I paid him was by asking him to sing a solo at my wedding to surprise my bride. I have always enjoyed his music, his love of singing solos and leading music in the church, and now I miss hearing those solos.

My father wasn’t an adventurous kinda-guy. I don’t think he ever went zip-lining, whitewater rafting, or fishing. Though I do have fond memories of him taking me camping at church camp for many years. However, he wrote quite a few Christian songs which many were published and some poetry. He loved to write and keep journals of his daily life. All the while, he worked a full-time job to provide the best he could for his family.
"Father and Child"
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One thing I remember about my father is his strong Christian faith. Not only did he have faith in God, believed in the inerrancy of the Bible, read his Bible daily, but he also lived the Christian example every day or moment of his life. When I had to take care of him after an accident, I learned more about him and was amazed at his strong faith in God. I discovered quickly where I learned about faith and God was through my father’s life. It was not only “said” but “modeled.” Though he could not take me to heaven with him when he died, nor could he “save” me, he shared his faith. Only Jesus can “save” someone and take them to heaven. However, it can be difficult to understand God, Jesus, and the Bible if you do not have a good foundation through parents, friends, a pastor, or a local church. Dad sometimes did things a little too laid-back. At times, my mom and I would get frustrated with this but I have to wonder if it’s because he wanted to live life as Jesus did.

My father wasn’t perfect, as I might describe him, and I’m sure he had his faults but I’m not going to point a finger at that because I know he did the best he knew how. He could have done worse. Of course, I like to think that since he had a great son like me, being a great father wasn’t too difficult.

My father went on to heaven in July 2014 after a serious injury in an accident. I miss him. I think of him often especially on Father’s Day and at Christmas. Christmas? All the Christmas music at church reminds me the many days we worked together on Christmas music for the church. He was a Minister of Music and I was the church organist.

Hug your father today. Maybe even give him a kiss on the cheek. If he’s no longer living, spend some time thinking about the good memories you have.  Maybe you know of a father whose children, for whatever reason, are not able to celebrate this day with him- help him to celebrate today with a small gift or dinner at his favorite restaurant.

May you have a blessed Father’s Day!

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Father's Day
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