Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday's Thought!

Great Smoky Mountains
"Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

This week, I found myself wondering about God and being a Christian. I wondered about whether God and Jesus really exist and if God really cares about me. I found my wanderings to be interesting and curious, to say the least. It seems there were no circumstances or problems which led to me thinking about this. Nor could I really find any reason to contemplate God's existence.

As I thought this week, I think my wanderings are based on being a Christian all of my life. I wondered if being a Christian all of my life was the way to go. I found myself thinking "what fun have I missed because I started following Jesus at an early age?"

After all, the news and the media makes all these things look like fun. The movies, the TV shows, the commercials -all come together to make things look fun while criticizing the Christian faith and anything or anyone related to it. Are they right? Am I missing something or have I missed something throughout my life?

I spent more time thinking about it than I have time to share in this post. I contemplated MY life and how I have spent it, where I have been, and what I have done. I have to admit, except for a few years of rebellion, I have been a pretty good guy most of my life.

If being happy, content, loved, and loved by someone bigger than the entire universe is wasting a life, then maybe I have. But, somehow, I do not think so. In my heart, throughout my life, I have always felt loved and happy. As I look back, even at life events which were very difficult, I can see God's Love and Presence and remembering feeling God's love for me.

Have I missed any worldly things? No, God has taken care of all my needs. He has blessed me along life's way. No, not necessarily with material or financially but what I need. The things of this world and stuff I could have done aren't anything and are worthless compared to knowing Jesus and God and living the Christian life. I would not change it for anything in the entire universe.

No, even in wanderings, I would not have changed a thing. I am very thankful for finding Jesus, God, and living the Christian life. There is nothing in this world that I could do, gain, or want, which would replace the love of God!

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