Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday's Thought!

"Man Feeling Free!"
Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash

Free Indeed!
By Max Lucado

Do you know God’s grace?  Then you can live boldly, live robustly. Nothing fosters courage like a clear grasp of grace. And nothing fosters fear like an ignorance of mercy.

May I speak candidly?  If you haven’t accepted God’s forgiveness, you are doomed to fear.  Only God’s grace can remove it. Have you accepted the forgiveness of Christ?  If not, do so.  Your prayer can be as simple as this:  Dear Father, I need forgiveness.  I admit that I have turned away from you.  Please forgive me.  I place my soul in your hands and my trust in your grace.  Through Jesus I pray, amen.

Having received God’s forgiveness, live forgiven!  When Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed.

Interested in learning more about forgiveness and God's Gift of Salvation?  Please visit Peace With God.

Reprinted by permission of Max Lucado.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Blog URL/New Name

"The Chessie System Locomotive"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
On Thursday, January 11, 2019, will be found at

I will be writing my weekly columns, "Wednesday's Words" and "Sunday's Thought" as well as featuring my products and new photography work. I hope to share some photography by my friends too.

I specialize in dog, cat, garden, nature, horse and railroad photography. I am following the advice of a favorite photographer from years ago- branch out and learn skills to photograph other subjects.

If you would like to receive my posts by email, please visit the website and look for the email sign-up on the right side of the page!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday's Thought!

"Working on a Roof!"
Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

The Only Works that Lead to Eternal Life
By Jack Graham, PowerPoint Ministries

"But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it – the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction."

—Romans 3:21–22

I’m an American. Growing up, I was taught that I could do anything I wanted in life as long as I was willing to work for it. That’s how many people in our country are raised… to never give up on their dreams, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and make something of themselves no matter their background.

That way of thinking works great for reaching a better life. But it doesn’t work at all when it comes to reaching eternal life. That’s because, on our own, heaven is completely unattainable. You’d have more success in jumping to the moon than you would in getting to heaven by your own works.

Left to ourselves, we’re stubborn, prideful, sinful, and utterly hopeless. I’ve often said that I wouldn’t trust the best 15 minutes I’ve ever lived to get me into heaven. But praise God that Jesus Christ has done the work I couldn’t, taken away my sins, and given me eternal life when I certainly didn’t deserve it!

Any chance you had of getting to heaven on your own was destroyed by sin. But Christ destroyed the power of sin on the cross to give you eternal life if you’ll only trust in Him. Put your faith in Christ, not yourself, for eternal life. It’s His work alone that can save you!


To learn more about God's Plan for your life, please visit PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham, New Life in Christ.

Devotion used by written permission of PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Upcoming Updates to Allen Pearson's Photos!

"Sunny Clouds Over the Great Smoky Mountains"
(C) Allen Pearson

In 2006, I started a photography business after photographing nature in my wildlife garden and while taking hikes through various parks and nature areas. Soon, I became fascinated with the art of the unusual beauty I found in nature! I have always loved nature and being outside. Having a creative streak, which I didn't fully realize until a year prior, thanks to a leadership class at work, this art form caught my attention and kept it. I took classes in photography and did all I could do to sell my work and grow my photography business while working a full-time job.

It wasn't long until I was participating in around 20-25 art shows, exhibits, and outdoor festivals throughout Northern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, and Richmond. I became a member of several local arts organizations too. I had fun with this art form but soon found myself wanting to photograph dogs. I found myself becoming more interested in the art of photographing dogs so I included a few prints in an exhibit. They were my proudest works but didn't go well with the art group.

Soon after adopting my awesome dog Noah from PetConnect Rescue, I found myself wanting to photograph dogs even more so than ever! Fortunately for me, when PetConnect Rescue found out I was a photographer, I began a journey of photographing dogs who needed "Forever Homes" and loved every minute of it. And still do! To date, I have photographed around 300 dogs needing "Forever Homes."

"Sunlit Tree Silhouette"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography
After Noah's adoption, I decided to stop participation in art shows, exhibits, and outdoor festivals for at least 6 months so I could properly train Noah. However, that really didn't work out! One of my favorite art groups, the Manassas Art Guild, switched the date of their show from October to April. Since they were a favorite, I decided to participate in the event, I found myself bored silly at the event while knowing Noah was at home in a crate waiting for me. It was the longest day! After the event and artist dinner, I went home and played with my dog! It was a turning point.

While I still photograph for rescues helping dogs and cats to find "Forever Homes," I am focusing on photographing for clients who would like photographs or social images of their awesome dogs, cats or horses. Also, I will be selling my photography work of nature's beauty, the art of the railroad, garden perspectives, and some of the artwork created while photography dogs, cats and horses from my website, my CafePress/AllenPearsonsPhotos store and eventually maybe Etsy.

Changes? Mostly in website URL. My current website is and it will be changing to There will be a "redirect" created so if someone has the old URL, they will still find me.

The other change will be to my photography blog. Currently, it is found at and will be changing to effective no later than January 13, 2019. How creative can I be right? I'm not much on the word "blogger" and tend to call myself a writer so I'm using the word "Journal" instead of "blogger."

My Photography Journal will be where I share my newest photography that I have added to my website and a few things I've learned along the way! I don't plan to publish more than a few posts a month.

What's not changing? "Wednesday's Words" and "Sunday's Thought" will still be published every week.  Why? When I was going up, we went to church every Sunday and I was taught not to work on Sundays - it was a day of rest and refresh! As a kid, I loved the idea because it meant no chores! As an adult, I love it too. So I thought it was a great idea to share a devotional note with God's Plan of Salvation every Sunday. On Wednesday night, we went to church to be encouraged, or refreshed, for the rest of the week. I created "Wednesday's Words" to be a mid-week encouragement for Christians.

I hope you will like the changes and updates. I will do my best to keep you up-to-date in all the changes. Please subscribe to receive my posts by email to receive the latest in your "in-box."
"Norfolk Southern 9760 in Bristow, VA"
(C) Allen Pearson Photography

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wednesday's Words! Encouragment from God's Word

(C) Allen Pearson Photography
"And hope does not put us
to shame, because God's
love, has been poured into
our hearts through the
Holy Spirit who has been 
given to us."

- Romans 5:5

Tuesday, January 1, 2019