Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday's Thought!

"An Elderly Woman"
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Here lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about aging. Not sure why since I am not one for dreading a certain age, like 55 or 60, or often wishing I was something I am not yet or have already passed. I am 55 and am proud to be 55. To me, every day that I wake up, get out of bed and start another day is an awesome experience for which I am thankful. Many people do not make it to this age while others pass it and keep on going. Some people truly groan about the age they have reached and complain about their aches and pains. Not sure why, since they are alive and can enjoy life’s blessings.

This weekend, I caught up with my favorite cousin-in-law. She’s my wife cousin or something along the lines of the family. At 89, she has slowed down a bit but she keeps going at what she can. In the course of conversation, she mentions that she does her best to keep a positive attitude, so her mind stays good. She has some assistance daily, for about 4 hours, but doesn’t want more assistance than she really needs.

I met this awesome lady when she was 67-years-old. At that point, her husband had recently passed away a few years prior. Back then, she was full of energy and running a bed and breakfast type of place to keep herself busy. I noticed that she knew what times of the day made her miss her husband more than other times. Or, when times of the day would make her sad. So, she developed a routine which kept made her focus on other things since she loved her husband so much. I can’t say I blame her as it’s something I would have to do if my wife goes to heaven before me.

I can’t remember any moments of the lady’s complaining. Seems she never did. She focused on the positive and the good things in her life. Often, that was what the family was doing and how good life is. At nearly 90, she is still doing it. Whether now or when she was younger, she always smiled and had a cheerful tone in her voice.

So, I am not worried about aging. I am not afraid of the future or what may come my way. While, in my human existence, my body might get ill or whatever, myself- my soul or being, is afraid. God is in control of the future and me.

Another blessing of being a Christian is looking back and seeing how God has been taking care of me throughout my life. He has never failed to guide my steps in the right direction for what His Will was for me.

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