Friday, September 28, 2018

Railroad Photography! "As the Freight Rolls Through!" #RailSafetyWeek

"As The Freight Rolls Through!"Art of the Freight Car Series, 2
(C) Allen Pearson

Capturing freight cars rolling through town has gotten to be one of my favorite aspects of photography. I enjoy watching the trains and finding the art in the scene as it happens.

Whenever I am photographing, I remind myself of the rules of the railroad. It doesn't matter if I am photographing Norfolk Southern, CSX, Union Pacific, the rules are the same. Stay off the railroad tracks! Stay off railroad property! Not only is it dangerous to trespass, it is against Federal law.

Remember your actions as a photographer are seen by others whether through images, online, or printed copies. If you photograph in illegal locations, you will be giving other photographers, young and old, ideas which could lead to trouble for them.

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