Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Garden Perspectives! Tiger Lily

"Tiger Lily"
(C) Allen Pearson
Several years ago, I had an awesome container garden in my backyard. The previous owner had built a swingset for his children and removed it before we moved in. However, he didn't build-up the soil where the children had played for several years.The area would make a great container garden so I had a friend frame out the 10' X 10' area with 2 X 4's and build the soil up and level it out. In the middle, a huge 4 X 4 was posted so I could post bird houses and feeders.

I used the container garden to put unique annuals and perennials that I liked and didn't fit in the native plant theme of my wildlife garden. Also, I used it to experiment with my "plant hospital" skills.

The "Tiger Lily" was one of my first attempts at having a "plant hospital" in my backyard. I bought the plant for $1 at Lowes and read the little tag to what the plant was and the care it needed.  Before long, it had grown out to a beautiful flower.  The following summer, it grew tremendously. Just shows what some T-L-C will do for a plant.

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