Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rescue[d] Dog Photography

"Looking for a Human to Love!"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

One of the most awesome pleasures I have in my photography work is photographing dogs and cats for local rescues.  I love the idea that photographs I've taken can and often do help the dog or cat to find humans to love and their "Forever Homes!"

The images in this post were created at an Adoption Event for Operation Paws for Homes! I love the initial meeting of the new dogs- the dog hasn't met me yet so they can be cautious and curious. Sometimes, I can see the

When I am photographing a dog to be adopted, I like to try to get the dog smiling or like he's posing for a human trying to get their attention. Avoid any cuts or scares which aren't an issue for an adopter such as a shaving by the Veterinarian for tests or treatments. The rescue volunteer will inform you of these matters.

(C) Rescue[d] Dog Photography,
Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
Some rescues want just a portrait of the dog or cat while some want to a full body, so I learn what they want and work with that.  Either way, I will work to bring out the best in the animal.

For certain breeds, like the Pit Bull, Doberman Pinscher, and others which seem to be considered vicious, since I do not support those beliefs, I work to get an excellent shot of the dog to show it's beauty.

I do not spend time photographing dogs and cats for adoption for attention but as it is my way to help them increase their chances of being adopted and ending up in a great "Forever Home" with humans to love on them forever. Yes, I'm doing it for the dogs and cats!

Another side is the helping the community be a better place and donating to worthy causes. When I first started out showing my photography at art festivals and exhibits, I received quite a few requests for art donations to support various worthy causes. My work in photographing rescued dogs allows me to support my community through a cause which I believe in.

Another exciting tidbit about photographing these dogs and cats is the rescues have mentioned their adoption rates have increased with the better photos! Makes my day!

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