Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Garden Perspectives: "Miss Dahlia's Pink and White" Happy Spring!

"Miss Dahlia's Pink and White"
(C) Allen Pearson
Happy Spring! 

I always look forward to the "First Day of Spring" every year. For the most part, it means the snowstorms and seriously cold weather are over for another year. As I write this, the weather forecast is predicting a snowstorm for today which may bring a few inches. Most likely, as the storms did all winter, this storm will go up the coast and pass us! Even if it does snow more than a few inches, it will melt off fairly quickly. Though I can remember a few snowstorms in my years of living in the Northern Virginia area which brought quite a bit of snow. We'll see!

The "Miss Dahlia's Pink and White" was created at a neighbor's garden. The man who grew the flower loves Dahlia's as his yard is covered with a variety of colors ranging from white to red to purple. Of course, it's a temptation for me to grow some in my own yard.

"Miss Dahlia's Pink and White" is available on printed products including traditional quality archival papers you can frame, metal, canvas, standouts, posters, and notecards. To learn more, please visit my Garden Perspectives Gallery- Miss Dalia's Pink and White.

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Do you have a favorite season? How about a favorite season to photograph? Please share in the comments below.

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