Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday's Thought

"Sun Rays!"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
What an incredible week this has been.  A week full of stress, upsets, strong emotions, fear, pain, and violence. It seems no one is really happy unless they get their way or what they want or at least close to it.  While getting your way or what you want might bring a temporary "happiness" it won't be long until something else comes up to change all that.

During the recent campaign and election season, I remember becoming a bit stressed.  Some of what I was seeing on television was very disappointing and worrisome.  While I have voted and watched many campaigns, this is the first one that I decided to quit watching as it was way too stressful.

However, I reminded myself, and so did a few of my buddies, that God is in control!  Regardless of whoever won the election, God will still be in charge and in control.  This fact will never change.  This fact brought overwhelming awesome comfort and peace to me easing away the stress and disappointment.

God's Peace and Love for us is way beyond our understanding but it is a Presence within our lives that is incredibly awesome and hard to explain as words often fail me when I attempt it.  Accepting Christ as my Savior, following Him and His Word brings His Love into my life which gives me the peace to live this crazy life and be worried about come what may.

Interested in learning about "God's Plan of Salvation?" and His Love for you?  Please read and follow the steps in this graphic.

(C) Allen Pearson
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