Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday's Thought

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A few weeks ago, I started talking about New Year's Revelations.  Yes, Revelations. I changed the word because I am not normal, like to enjoy life, make people laugh, and just plain have good clean fun.  AND, Resolutions sounds so final.  So when I messed up my Resolution, it was like "welp, there went that one, lets see if we can continue to make #59 work."

Another Revelation I am making this year is to read and study more "Bible Prophecy."  Something I wish I'd known I enjoy so much many years ago, I am pursing the interest wholeheartedly by reading books recommended by some Pastors and friends I trust.

My Pastors and friends I trust and not my own?  First, I am new to really studying and reading in this area.  Second, if you are not confident enough to select an author who you know is 100% true to the Biblical text, it is wise to talk to a Pastor and friends you trust.  Otherwise, you could find yourself on a heresy trek which you don't want to do.
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I have taken a class or two on the Book of Revelation and Christian Eschatology which proved to be a most exciting journey.   Its exciting to read and study a passage of Scriptures on Sunday only to see or hear about something in the news that supported what I just read.

Most important, I want to follow God's lead in this reading and study.  To do that, I must be a Christian which I have been for most of my 52+ years.  I need to learn to listen to Him and follow His instructions- something I am learning and will grow in.

Becoming a Christian is a simple decision, you can learn more by visiting the Peace With God website.  It isn't a perfect life as many would suggest, but God's Love for you will far outweigh any trials and troubles!

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