Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday's Thought

This week, I want to do something different.  While I've shared music, videos, poems, and the like from many different sources or artists and musicians, I've not shared someone's blog. After reading several posts, I want to share it with you- encourage you to read through several posts.

First, an introduction to Joey + Rory.  My first time to hear them sing was with the Gaither Homecoming Friends. I don't remember whether it was in concert on on TV.  The duo sings country music and do a beautiful work.  I haven't followed them very much as I'm not into country music but have had great respect for the work they do.

Now, a sadness has come over the family.  I recently learned that Joey has been fighting a battle of cancer and it's a become a huge challenge.

Please follow this link to read about their story- This Life I Live, scenes from one man's extraordinary, ordinary life.

My heart and prayers go out for the family.  I remember loosing my parents due to illness and an accident and my mother-in-law's battle with cancer.  During the time, I often felt God's Presence with me. It was a calming, loving, and comforting Presence.

As I read through Rory's blog, I am constantly amazed and thrilled at his attitude and love for God and his wife.  He has the "peace that passes ALL understanding" that only Christ can give and does in these situations to Believers.

Rory is honoring his wife and taking care of her every need while Joey's sister is there helping.  I admire him for honoring her in that way.  It shows his love for God and her.

Following Christ doesn't mean your life will be without problems, trials, and troubles.  Good grief, how I wish it did so the past 8 years of my life losing my family in a few short years would have been less painful.  But, it doesn't.

Following Christ doesn't mean you will live a beautiful perfect life with everything in order and God to give you what you think you need next in this life.  It doesn't mean you will be materialistically rich, driving a fancy car or living in a nice home- though these things can happen, it just doesn't mean they will.

What does it mean?  It means, when you pass away, leave this earth, you will spent eternity in heaven with God. It means, peace in your heart sometimes way beyond your understanding.  It means, God will be with you through those problems, trials, and troubles- you will never face them a
lone.  It means, a God who loves you more than your understanding. It means a life beyond what you can imagine.

Interested in learning following Christ, please visit, Peace with God.


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