Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday's Thought

One thing I've always struggled with was keeping a steady devotional time. I've never been great at consistently studying God's word and staying in it.

Used by Permission: GraphicStock
I've noticed that I'll dig into frequently in times of trouble but when the easy times come, I begin to pull back. Bible reading becomes scarce. Prayer times lessen. Thoughts of God even become distant.

However, recently I was introduced to a young man named Jonathan Malm. He's recently released a book entitled Created For More.

Malm's new book is a 30 day devotional (or however you want to consume it, as he puts it). The book centers around ways creative people can stay in touch with God and His word.

And I've got to tell you, this book has been amazing.

So far I've been able to consistently read 11 days worth of Bible devotionals. This is probably closing in on a record for me.

That's why I wanted to introduce you to the book and hope you might pick it up.

The chapters are short and engaging. When you're reading it in the early morning, you don't want to put it down. You'll probably want to continue reading on into the next day's reading.

But I've got to encourage you not to do that. Instead, digest what he's shared for the day. Chew on the fat and let it sink in.

That's what's been happening as I read it. My thoughts drift back to the morning devotional and how I can apply it to my life. That's never happened before!

So, if you're looking for a devotional that'll touch you, make you think, and become more focused on God, give Created For More a shot. I think you may find a new favorite devotional.

This is a guest post by Joseph Lalonde. He is a youth leader and leadership blogger at Joseph shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader. With him on Twitter or at his blog. Joseph also has a free eBook that you can own by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Words

"Garden View"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

"I know, O Lord,
that a man's life
is not his own;
it is not for man
to direct his steps."

- Jeremiah 10:23

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday's Thought

Used by permission, GraphicStock

Just Come

In the stillness of the night,
I hear you whisper, "just come."

In the storm that surrounds
me, I hear you whisper, "just

I call out, "I don't
think I'm ready, there's more I have to

And still I hear you whisper,
"just come."

"What about my child,
what about my dreams?"

"Shh, you are my child,
this is my dream for you. Just come."

I have no strength, how far
must I go?"

"Your journey is almost
over. Just come."

"I think I see 'the
way' ahead. The invisible is becoming


As I travel the pathway to the
Son, I quietly turn and look back at my

Knowing one day he too will
hear those whispered words, "just come" and we
will once again be together.

(C) Kim Kirby. 2014

(Dedicated in Memory of Curtiss S. Pearson, 1940-2014)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday's Words

"Strawflower Blooming"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
"I am the resurrection, and the life:
he that believeth in Me,
though he were dead, 
yet shall he live."

- John 11:25

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday's Thought

One Saturday morning, I loaded up my car with my usual garden tools, several bottles of water and my dog Noah, and headed to church to work with the Green Team.  I was running a little later than I wanted but it was necessary so I could walk Noah before we left. Leaving later, meant more traffic.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Tenenbaum

While driving in traffic, I got to thinking where are all these people going?  I guess to the Expo Center, probably a big event going on, or to the grocery or home improvement store, Walmart SuperCenter is close too.  My heart and mind began to think on more important things- No, really?  Where are they truly headed?  Do all these people know Jesus Christ as their Savior and are headed to be with Him in Heaven or are they going to spend eternity in hell?

I don't know, I remember thinking.  I don't know that I know any of these people traveling this road this time of day or at any time to know their final destinations.  Then, my thought turned to "well, you can pray for them, can't you?"

I prayed for the people on the road that morning for their salvation or if they are Christians, to walk closer to God or find that closer walk.

I arrived at the church realizing the Holy Spirit taught me a lesson to remember, always pray for others.  Be there for others.  You don't need to know them to pray for others.

I'm reminded:
"Pray without ceasing,
1 Thessalonians 5:17 [ESV]

And, that we should always be praying for others-

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dog Photography? Cat Photography? and more- Alexandria Animals Calendar

Used by Permission of Alexandria Animals
Dog Photography, Cat Photography, two specialties of mine that I love.  I enjoying photographing for local animal rescues and shelters as well as for clients.

Enough about me though- have you heard about Alexandria Animals Pet Photo Calendar Contest? Not only can you share your photography work, showcase your favorite animal companion, but you can support those animals who do not have a "Forever Home" yet.

Every year, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria produces a full color calendar and allows supporters to decide the next ‘top models’ for pet of the month and the coveted cover shot.

You can now submit photos of your favorite pets to be featured in the 2015 calendar, and you and your friends can vote for animals to win those coveted featured spots within its pages! Please click on Rules for complete participant guidelines and eligibility requirements.

All photo entries are guaranteed inclusion in the calendar! The top vote recipients will be eligible to have their pets featured on a month’s page. See Prizes for more information.

And, you can "Reserve a Day to Honor your Pet!" For $10, you reserve a special day on the calendar to share your favorite pet photo!

Only photos of animals will be considered for publication. Reserving a calendar day does not include a free calendar. You can pre-order your calendar here at $15 each.  Interested?  Contact Alexandria Animals.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Words

"Garden Flowers"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

"For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: 
and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."

- 1 John 5:4

Monday, September 8, 2014

Garden Perspectives: Blue Sea Holly

"Blue Sea Holly"
Credit: Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
I found this flower in a garden while traveling in California on vacation a few summers ago.  I love the blue color or tint to it, so I searched the garden centers here in Virginia.

Garden Photography became an interest of mine several years ago when I wanted to work in my gardens and do photography too.  Being a nature photographer, it became obvious to narrow my "focus" to gardens.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday's Thought

Used by Permission, Christian Quotes

We are evidently no friends of Satan. 
Like the kings of this world, 
he wars not against his own subjects. 
The very fact that he assaults us 
should fill our minds with hope.

- J.C. Ryle