Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden Perspectives - Lollipops in the Garden

Several years ago, my wife and I took on of those bus tour trips which took us to several National Parks as well as a few local places in California. I'd never been to these parks, much less California.

At the time, I was exploring photography, not really intending to get as involved as I did or am now. Which in some ways, is a bit frustrating as I didn't take notes to track any of my photos- like the name of plants or birds.  So, while in California, I did what the Californians do, I enjoyed myself.

"Lollipops in the Garden"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
While enjoying myself in California, I came across this plant. To, me it is absolutely beautiful and looks like some "giant" put his lollipops in the ground. So, I call this photo, "Lollipops in the Garden."

I have no idea of it proper name, if you do, or have a suggestion how I can find out- please leave a comment below.


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