Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday's Thought

"Arlington National Cemetery"
(C) Allen Pearson
Today I want to turn my thoughts toward Memorial Day.  Typically, at least in my area, it's celebrated as the start of the summer season.  Though I love summer and look forward to it's start, I have tried over the part few years to re-train my focus- to remember those who have served in our military and lost their lives.

Heavenly Father,
We praise You today for the
many blessings you have given each of us,
for the freedoms we have to 
live in this country.

We thank you for the many lives who
have served in the military forces
who've gone before to allow us to have
the freedoms we have today such as speech,
worship, just to name a few.

We thank you for the many military families
who have given more than most of us will
ever know, sacrificing Dad or Mom,
in some cases both parents,
at football or baseball games
or at music or dance recitals, birthdays
-any of those special life events
because they'd be deployed.

On this Memorial Day, 
I pray for those who are still with us,
whether actively serving 
or retired. Please be with them as they
continue to serve this country in their duties 
and especially be a comfort to those who
remember fellow service members who have
lost their lives in the line of duty.

Lord Jesus, please guide our leaders
across this great country in all they say and do,
direct their to do what is right for the people
and our country, states, cities and counties.

We praise you Lord for all you have done and
are going to do for it is in your name, we pray.

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