Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garden Perspectives - Baby Robins

"Baby Robins"
(C) Allen Pearson
As I created Garden Perspectives, I decided I had to show a few older favorites along with my newer work.

Another favorite photograph of mine is "Baby Robins."  I was blessed to have an American Robin family build their nest in tree in plain sight of my front porch.  I was able to get close enough with a decent camera, my old Fuji S5200, to get this image.

Keep in mind when photographing birds, there are rules created to protect them from humans who wouldn't think about doing something to harm them or lead a predator to the nest.  You want to stay far enough away that you're not pointing at a nest saying "Here it is!"  Also, be aware of any noises around you such as a cat's meow or the birds chirping sharply or very abrupt.  The cat is an obvious danger to the nest.  The birds chirping are a possible danger to you or a warning that they will be "coming after you" soon.  Heed the warning and back away.

No American Robins, or any other birds, were harmed or in danger during the photographing of this scene.

A good resource to learn about photographing nature, including birds, is Nature Photographers.

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