Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Foto

"My Noah!"
(C) Allen Pearson
Today is my 50th birthday.  And, WOW!! Where did the time go?  It's seems like only yesterday I...... has been a common thought lately. Well, it probably was only yesterday and I just forgot..... oh well.  And, I have to laugh at how many times I thought fifty was old when I was in my teen years.  Doesn't feel that way- 

I've selected "My Noah" as this week's "Friday Foto" since it is one of my favorite photographs of  my dog Noah.  If you've followed my writing long enough, you know he's a rescue we got from PetConnect Rescue in December 2009. 

I love this photo and as time goes on, I realize it more and more is a true capture of his personality.  Yes, it's not completely clear, a bit blurry in the eyes and more crisp in the nose area.  The blurriness is the curiosity Noah has as a hound dog.  He's constantly thinking and in search of something or sniff the trail to find the critter.  He comes across as a smart, sophisticated dog because of his looks which are portrayed in the face area.    The mouth or muzzle seems to portray a slight smile and toughness.  He's a happy smiling dog, yet territorial.  

As a dog photographer, I try my best to get to know my clients dog before the photo shoot so I can capture the images they would like of their pet.  It's not the same for everyone or a uniform fit type thing.  As I present several images of the dog to the owner, it's interesting to see which one they select to have printed.  The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is very true.  As a dog photographer it helps to have a strong passion for dogs and bringing their personality to life in art is an exciting adventure.  

I've gotten many compliments on the "My Noah" photograph.  And quite a few asking, "Why are you showing this....."  It means something to me, and that's what counts.  That's the way it is with clients too.

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