Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dog and Cat Photography- Project Smiles for Dogs and Cats

"Ruffgang Amadeus Mozart"
1996 - 2009

(C) Allen Pearson
It’s about loving a dog or cat.  It’s about the love of a dog or cat.  It’s about the bond between human and animal.  It’s about the love shared, that only you share with your dog or cat.  Special moments.  Special times.  Days to celebrate.  Days of headache- part of it too. Days of heartache. It’s about companionship.  Each giving and loving in their own way- it touches our hearts more than most can understand.  We cherish it all.  The terminal diagnosis comes and we suddenly see our days are numbered with our dog or cat.  It’s hard to accept because the bond is so strong and love is so deep.
"Mozart Smiles"
(C) Allen Pearson

I developed “Project Smiles for Dogs and Cats” after a Director at my full time job had a bad experience with a photographer who she hired to photograph her terminally ill dog.  After the experience she said she wish she knew how to reach me as she knew I truly loved dogs.  She knew she’d be happier with my work- which I found interesting since I hadn't done very much in that area, at the time.  Thinking about her comments and realizing that I would be losing my dog of 12 years soon, I developed this service or project.
"My Buddy, 1998-2009"
(C) Allen Pearson

So what’s the difference between a regular photo shoot and a “Project Smiles” shoot?  Not much really. The client receives the same level of service from my assistant and I but a bit of a priority where possible. I will try my best to schedule a Project Smiles appointment as quickly as possible since time is usually of the essence and urgent.   The dog or cat gets inducted into “Noah’s Pals Gallery” with a small tribute and dates of life and a blog post written in honor of their love.

It’s a tribute of love to constant best friend, companion and comrade. Project Smiles for Dogs and Cats.


  1. Callie, Shadow, Ducky, and I all think this is a wonderful idea!! What better memorial/keepsake could a human ask for once his/her beloved pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge?! We hope you have much success with this project! And I wish you lived closer to us so I could have you do a photograph of my girls!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Am really glad you like the idea- I got to photograph a dog recently with cancer. It was a blessing to be able to help the pet parent who didn't have many photographs of the dog.


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