Friday, December 9, 2011

About Me!

Photographing Architecture, Dogs and Gardens!
I’m at: Allen Pearson's Photos,;;Facebook/AllenPearsonsPhotos “Allen Pearson’s Photos; Twitter/AllensPhotos; LinkedIn Allen Pearson; Google+, Allen Pearson; 500px, Allen Pearson’s Photo My work is in most of those places too.

I was born in Gadsden, Alabama, lived in Huntsville, AL for a few years of life and grew up in Northern Virginia. After some encouragement from my mother, I began playing with photography with a camera my parents gave me and that’s all it took. I quickly became interested in photographing the unique beauty of nature.

In the few short years I have been photographing, my passions have changed some to focus towards the art of gardens, dogs and cats. My love for gardening and planting brought out the curiosity of using a macro lens to see the beauty of a world not often seen.

As my interests changed to gardening, I realized a dream of photographing dogs for an animal rescue group. This became a fascination and fun event for me as I tried to capture the dog’s unique personalities to assist them in getting a Forever Home. My experience led to photographing cats as well.

Along with these changes, I began to notice my interest in photographing old town areas and churches. I began exploring these interests in August 2011 which led to competing in the 2nd Annual “Photograph! Manassas” where I took 2nd place for my entry “Celebrate Manassas!! Center Street.”

Now, I am headed out in life with camera in tow to photograph nature that is found in gardens, whether it’s a backyard or a formal one and dogs, some cats along the way, I’m sure. And, am going to check out a few old towns and churches.

And, I am married to a beautiful lady I met while working at a Christian radio station, she is the love of my life and I cherish each moment with her. I have two boys, “Noah”, a Plott Hound-Black Lab mix dog and “Haydn” a Maine Coon cat.

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