Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old Town Experiments in Architecture

I have always had an interest in architecture both in the actual designing and the final work. Not having a strong background or interest in mathematics, I never pursued a career in that area, something I've regretted some - but we all have those regrets.

Recently, with the invitation of "Photograph! Manassas" I became interested in photographing old towns and churches. I spent 3 Saturdays, planned at different times of day, attempting to get some good shots of old town architecture. Much of it was a challenge I wasn't expecting. One image looked like the building was going to fall forward at any moment. Not one to show.....

Anyway, I'll post a few of the better images here and on Facebook ("Allen Pearson's Photos"). Feel free to comment- keeping in mind this is a family-friendly blog.

"Manassas Main Street"

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