Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Going to Grandmothers"

I took this shot on a Saturday evening while working on my "Photograph! Manassas" project. It was more of a "fun" shot than an attempt at anything. And, I didn't enter it the competition.

However, it turns out the image created memories for me, of my grandmother and mother. As a child, when I visited my grandmother, I would get to stay a few weeks after my parents went home. My grandmother and I would take the train from her home back to Manassas. In later years, we'd take the train from Manassas and meet grandmother at her house.

I remember great times at my grandmother's house for many summers. I lost my grandmother in 2010 and my mother in 2011. Their memories forever in my heart, sparked by the image of a train, stopping for passengers. I wonder if there was an excited boy waiting for that train to begin his adventures at his grandparents?

"Going to Grandmothers"

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