Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Tree in the Shenandoah by Mike Dailey

I spent a day in the Shenandoah Valley- Graves Mountain area photographing. I came upon this tree that I thought looked interesting and beautiful with its grandeur. My friend Mike Dailey wrote about this poem after seeing the tree on Facebook. (Facebook/AllenPearsonsPhotos: Allen Pearson's Photos).

The Tree in the Shenandoah
The tree is young yet passed its prime
It’s fallen on some harder time
It set its roots in rocky soil
And rocks became this young tree’s toil
And so it is with man as well
A poor foundation soon will tell
His hold on life will soon grow dim
As he rots out from deep within
And thinking even deeper yet
Trees and man and faith are met
For as the roots support a tree
Faith for man will always be
So we must root our faith in God
Not sand, or rocky soil; but sod
And feed our roots on daily prayer
And bask within God’s love light there
So we can live a life that’s strong
In God’s backyard where we belong

Mdailey 9/18/10