Saturday, July 24, 2010

LOOK UP!! Cloud Portraits

LOOK UP!!!!! But, NOT at the sun.

Take a look at the clouds, the patterns or designs they make..... particularly before and after a storm or if a storm happens to be in your area, close enough to see the outer edges of the storm, you are at a good vantage points to see nature at one of it's finest moments and to see the incredible handiwork in the clouds.

When I was a child, before I had responsibilities or just got busy with stuff, I used to watch the clouds roll by. I'd look for patterns or objects that looked like something.... such as Snoopy or a frog or a tree. I've always had quite a creative imagination. But, the simplicity of those moments have added to a more whole person as an adult.

I have always loved storms. I used to live in a house where the bedroom was on the 3rd floor and faced west. The storms came in from the west which gave a lot of opportunity for storm watching! Now, I don't have that view but still have the opportunity as it still storms!

I LOOK UP!! before the storms, and if it's safe (no lightning, etc.), I'll look up during the storm, otherwise I'll wait until it ends.

The beauty of clouds are shown in these two images. The storms were just east of my house. I was heading to class when I saw the clouds- at first it looked like smoke from a fire.

Take the time, LOOK UP!!!!! but NOT at the sun. See the clouds???

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Honorable Mention"

The hardest thing for me to do is acknowlegde achievements or awards. However, I can't let this pass without writing about it.

I entered a print of the image "Grape Hyacinth" in the Vienna Arts Society's Annual Judged Photography Show. The judge was Corey Hilz. I was surprised to learn that I received an Honorable Mention for my entry. The funny part is I didn't "try" to create this image, I was just playing with my new macro lens and my wife selected the image for entry as one she liked best.

Anyway, got Honorable Mention!


I carry my camera with me nearly everyday even when I am going to work at my full time job. Sometimes, for example, during my lunch I will take a walk through a local park just to get away from the office and get some fresh air. The walk does me wonders.
By carrying my camera with me, sometimes I will be fortunate enough to capture something interesting like in these frog images. The beauty if the frog really shows through in these two images. Since I was concerned the frog was going to jump into the pond at any second, I decided to use the auto setting on my camera while using my 50-200mm lens. The frog didn't appear to be the least bit concerned about my photographing him. I was able to get several images of this frog (he was huge) as I walked the path by the pond.
The other side of carrying my camera everyday is the simple therapy it gives me while I am taking a break from my full time job. Many times I take the camera, go for a walk and don't see anything to photograph while other times I will see something but it may not be worth posting or using. The creative break from the office is the advantage point in this.