Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"First Friday Night Leesburg" - Loudoun Arts Council

I have the opportunity to participate with Loudoun Arts Council's "First Friday Night Leesburg," July 2, 7 - 9 p.m. at 5 Loudoun St. SE, Leesburg, VA. For more info., go to Loudoun Arts.

The evening will feature my art work, "Creation Sings!!", hung in the Loudoun Arts Council's Salon, a Wine Tasting and Music. You can walk through Leesburg and visit other artists, shops and have dinner at one of the fine restuarants.

This image is one which will be part of my exhibit. I call it "After the Rain" because a bad storm passed through after I planted it and I went to see if it survived. It did so I took the picture. This image is one of the few I offer printed on canvas and wrapped around sketchers so it goes around the edge of the wood.
Hope to see you at the event!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

American Robin

One of my favorite birds is the American Robin. Often, the American Robin is considered to be the "Bringer of Spring". Around here, it's a common bird throughout the year. This winter though, I wondered what the Robin was doing. We had so much snow and freezing weather that I did see it much. Although other birds, particularly in storms, lined up in trees awaiting their turn at the feeders, I did see the Robin.

This year, when I did see it, it was like the "Bringer of Spring". I figured Spring wasn't too far behind or at least, the bird is back.

And, I am particularly excited about the Robin this year. After pruning back a tree last year which normally hosts Robins nests, I did not see one last year. It was sad. I was disappointed. But, the tree had to be trimmed and such is the life of a tree in the front yard of my house (backyard is a wildlife garden so I less likely to prune unless urgent).

On Friday, after having the life scared out of me, I discovered the Robins have moved back into the tree. Get to close to their nest, even accidently as I'd done, they let out a loud chirp which will scare you. I noticed the nest was built and might have some eggs. I'm happy to have the Robins back as numerous others in my backyard.

When photographing birds, be sure to read and understand the law(s) regarding birds. Some are protected and you could get in trouble for causing the bird stress or trouble. Use a zoom lens, telephoto or whatever you can to get the close-up shot without causing the bird stress. In this photo, I was extremely fortunate to have the Robin build a nest where I could see it from my front porch. So, keep your eyes open for those golden rare opportunities where the bird may "present" itself in the perfect setting to photograph it!