Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Tribute to My Grandmother

My grandmother passed away yesterday after a life of 85 years. After I got the news, I cried abit and then realized that I knew she is in a better place and is no longer suffering with some of the things that come with age.

As I thought about my grandmother passing, a flood of memories of all the good times came back to me. My grandmother lived a very simple life, never learned to drive, always made the simple things of life seem like the greatest things in the world (and to me, they still are)and you knew she was a Christian and that there is a God, because Grandmother not only told you but set the example.

My grandmother never gave me large amounts of money or huge presents, but she did give a lot of love and attention- something as an energetic and active young man I needed. I remember getting $5 in cards for birthday presents or sometimes when I visited, she would have it hidden somewhere. When I would spend time at her house in the summer, she would take me downtown, by bus, to take us shopping and to lunch at McDonald's. It seemed to mean alot to her to do this, it did to me then and still does today. Each summer, we went to the family reunion where I got to see people related to grandmother, she had a brother and a sister and I would get to see her other children, my aunt and uncle.

As I look back, another memory that sticks out there, but I was awfully young to remember too much detail. I remember it being fun (and apparently, I drove grandmother crazy as a young child). Since grandmother didn't drive, sometimes she would travel by train to our house or vice versa. Once I got old enough, I would get to ride the train with her. And, I was at the age where I was into everything and liked to explore. I think I drove her a little crazy with my antics on the train (as I am told by family) The train rides were so exciting and adventurous. And, for me, it was so cool to travel the train with my grandmother.

And, she always took me to church. We went to Sunday School, then to church. Grandmother loved to have her grandson in church with her. She seemed so happy to have me there.

A favorite memory are the trains that would run in front of grandmother's house, day and night. She lived across the street, a small barely two lane paved road, from a B & O railroad line. When I would visit, I would watch the trains. When I heard a horn signal, I'd run to the porch and sit in the swing to watch the train go by. Fortunately, she lived within an eye's glance of the railroad signal so we always knew when there was a green light for the train to come. So, I would listen hard for the horn and often would try not to take a nap or a bath or do anything else which might distract me from seeing the train. I'd even sneak up in the middle of the night to see the trains go by.

Yes, grandmother didn't have much in the way of the material things of this world, but it's interesting to me that my most cherished memories of her and even my life as a child were spent doing some of the simpliest things. Even now, the simpliest things mean a lot to me. Her gift of love and a Christian example are gifts I will never loose, put in a closet somewhere, or even forget. I will miss her, but she is not suffering and is with her Lord. Love you Frye-Frye.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter 2010

Wow! Been a while since I've written anything. Winter snuck up on me this year with a snow storm on Sat., Dec. 5 and a major snow storm on Saturday, Dec. 19. We had nearly 20" of snow at my house--- it seemed like a whole lot more especially after shoveling it. I ended up having to pay someone to finish the job. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is always a very busy time for my wife and I as we are involved with different activities at Ox Hill Baptist Church- so the season sometimes seems a blur - a beautiful one- but a blur.

My quest to find winter's beauty and enjoy it continues this season. As I said, there's been snow this winter which has added to the beauty. I seem to be fascinated with the trees that appear to be dead because they've lost all of their leaves and with the clouds as they seem to be beautiful against the cold blue sky. Maybe I'll feature images of them in other writings.

The image with today's writing is a log from at a local park that I think is beautiful. I like the rich wood tones, then the snow on top seems to just add to it.

Have a great day.